New beauty routine of women: Taking care of their skin with Pure Beauty!

What we did:

We have created a digital campaign to launch BB and CC cream. With our creatives ranging from TVC and Outdoor and from display ads to social content and web applications we claimed that Pure Beauty BB and CC creams will be the new beauty routine of all women with its diverse and instant effects on skin

Launch Video

Instant beauty with the help of diverse effects of Pure Beauty BB and CC cream

We have created a video with the beloved celebrity Sıla Gençoğlu to underline the uses cases and effects our our new creams.

Extension Contents

Underlining product benefits and creating routines

We have created contents that explains the product benefits of BB and CC creams in detail with the uses cases demonstrated by Sıla Gençoğlu. Also as a second burst of extension contents we have created how-to contents showing the consumers how to make our products a part of their beauty routines day&night.


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